One of the first company to see the interets of the new laminate technology was a branch of AIRBUS, SOGERMA in Bordeaux -later ACJC), for nothing less than a VIP Airbus project. Cooperating with the enthousiast and knowledgeable team, gathered for the project was an ideal opportunity for Philippe to make a breakthrough and learn about the VIP aviation culture of hardwork to success, excellence and quality requirement.

During this initial period, the company was producing the laminates as per a « FABLESS » model, meaning that Philippe was orchestrating the production alone.

  • Sourcing the raw material from selected veneer suppliers in Europe that were part of his professional network since years.
  • Renting some production capability from « Schorn & Groh », having hinself « hands-on » for key operations to ensure the quality
  • Selecting and supervising some key subcontractors for special works such as marquetry .

Although the first entity was a french sarl company in the north of France, most key suppliers and subcontractors where  located in the south pof germany. Therefore, the french Sarl started to need a german warehouse nearby its production partners, in order to store the raw materials, the semi finish products and the finished products for inspection.

During the following years SKYWOODS was entrusted with several completion projects for all types and sizes of VIP Aircrafts, and the team add grown a little bigger, with key people in Sales, Administration and Production.

In 2012, the contacts with DASSAULT Falcon Jet were starting to generate a new type of business opportunity with new challenges: Much shorter leadtime than standard VVIP completion, interest for the technology of engineered veneers and hardwoods, focus on zero defect and on-time delivery. As a result SKYWOODS Gmbh was created, and some critical production steps for « Hi-quality in short leadtimes » where re-introduced as internal processes.

Years of continuous investments in the best machines, improvements in workmanship have lead in 2017 to the transformation of the GmbH in the main SKYWOODS entity. There, a solid team of wood worker specialists are producing for the most demanding VIP aviation designers, completion centers and aircraft makers exquisite Alucore panels. We are pround to count our customers in Russia, China, America and Europe.