SKYWOODS’ key products are the laminated sheets called “ALUCORE” build under a patented process.

These sheets usually of 1 mm thickness are used by aviation woodshops around the world, to bring the beauty of real wood to the cabinetry pieces they produce for VIP aircrafts.


The 3 layers of an Alucore sheets are glued together in a process called lamination:

  1. The front face: beautifull raw veneer elements selected and assembled carefully by our specialists as per designers requirement
  2. The core layer: a special Aluminum thin sheet that provide resistance and flexibilty, fire resistance and other advantages
  3. The back face: a couterbalancing wood sheet, parallel or perpendicular to the front grain as per the woodshops requirement


The woodshops working for aviation VIP completion centers, buy the laminates delivered by SKYWOODS. They use them to cover all sorts of flat and curved panels. The pieces manufactured for the VIP cabin interior in an aircraft are for instance: Cabinets, partitions, doors, tables, etc…

The « ALUCORE » laminates are easy to cut, bend and glue.

The « ALUCORE » fire retardant properties are structural.

No chemical is added to the wood fibers, therefore their natural beauty and color remains unaltered.

Design properties of ALUCORE sheets:

  • High bending capacities with radii as tight as 10mm (0.39 inch)
  • Weight savings from 10 to 40% compared to other « 3 plies » laminates

Direct benefits for the users:

  • Respect health and environnment by not using chemicals solution only natural materials
  • Allow woodshops to pass the statutory flammability requirements of FAR25 with their cabinets
  • Preserve the natural color of the veneers, its natural ageing and the chemestry of the wood fibers
  • Need less layers of clearcoats for the same results: Less time, less shrinkage
  • Cabinets varnishes resist better to craks under extreme cabin temperature changes (-40°C ;  +80°C)